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Code of Conduct

At Xellia we value integrity and openness, and are committed to a high level of compliance in all aspects of our work. As a global business with international customers it is vital that we have a uniform set of standards that can be applied to our business regardless of the country in which we operate.

The Xellia Code of Conduct contains our values and standards for ethical business conduct and reflects our commitment to meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. The code sets out the principles that must be adhered to by all employees within key areas that are essential to our business including compliance and fair dealings in relevant areas.

At Xellia we encourage an open and honest culture, where people feel free to raise concerns. Xellia will not tolerate any wrongdoing with respect to the Code of Conduct, and we will support all employees who report violations as well as those who request assistance or have concerns.

A copy is presented to each employee when joining Xellia. In addition, all senior employees are required to certify annually that they have acted in compliance with the guidelines.

Download Xellia's Code of Conduct

Xellia provides a Whistleblower System, where employees and third parties can make a report in good faith. Xellia’s Whistleblower System is hosted by an independent third party which allows for fully anonymous and confidential reporting from anywhere in the world, meeting all applicable data protection regulations.

Access the Whistleblower System here