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Zagreb, Croatia

Xellia Zagreb

FDF R&D Center

Product and Innovation R&D Center of Excellence focused on innovative formulation technologies and FDFs. Xellia Zagreb is the company's FDF R&D center of excellence, specialized in pharmaceutical technology (formulation development and manufacturing process development), analytical development and in vitro biology, primarily microbiology.

The site was established in 2009 and has been continuously expanding since. In addition to R&D, which also incorporates Project Management, Clinical R&D, Medical Affairs, New Science and Technologies and Innovation Portfolio, other functions represented at the site include IP, Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Global Product Supply, HR, Finance and Sales & Marketing. The multifunctional team of more than 110 employees consists of scientists with PhD, MSc and BSc degrees in pharmacy, biotechnology, chemistry, and biology, and highly skilled technicians/administrative staff.