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SOS Children's Villages partnership

Introduction to our partnership

In January 2021, Xellia Pharmaceuticals announced another three year partnership 2021-2023 with SOS Children’s Villages Denmark, to support the SOS Children’s Villages Family Strengthening Program in Eldoret, Kenya.

The collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages Denmark, began in 2015, with the successful three year partnership 2015-2017 in support of the SOS Medical Center in Eldoret, Kenya.

In addition to the corporate funding of the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Eldoret, Kenya, the Xellia partnership with SOS Children’s Villages goes far beyond corporate reach, where a number of employee driven initiatives to raise money for projects coordinated by SOS Children’s Villages in Eldoret, Kenya are supported, that are independent of Xellia Pharmaceuticals' annual donation to the SOS driven initiatives of the Family Strengthening Program in Eldoret, within our partnership scope.

"Xellia Pharmaceuticals’ long-term engagement as a strategic partner with SOS Children’s Villages means that we continuously will be able to create social and economic development and progress in Eldoret, which is of absolute importance for the vulnerable families locally in the Family Strengthening Program and their children. We are deeply grateful for Xellia’s support." 

Mads Klæstrup Kristensen Managing Director, SOS Children’s Villages Denmark